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Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions

  • A 4Life® Loyalty Program order is an order placed on automatic shipment that meets the terms and conditions outlined below.
  • Distributors who participate in the Loyalty Program earn 15% back in Products Credits to redeem for the products of their choice.
  • Distributors must maintain a minimum monthly Loyalty Program order of 100 LP to earn Product Credits.
  • Product Credits never expire, as long as you have an active account.
  • Distributors must maintain a monthly 125 LP Loyalty Program order to receive the Bonus Product of the Month.
  • Loyalty Program orders can be changed up to 12th of the month.
  • Shipping day is 19th day of every month.
  • Loyalty Program orders must ship to earn Product Credits. Product Credits will be deducted for a Loyalty Program order that is returned.
  • A limit of 75 LP in Product Credits can be earned each month.
  • Existing distributors may begin to redeem Product Credits 60 days after their first Loyalty Program order ships.
  • New distributors who enroll in the Loyalty Program may begin to redeem Product Credits 60 days after their first 4Life product order ships.
  • New distributors earn Product Credits on all orders placed during the first month of product purchases (subject to the defined limits), as long as the new distributor is enrolled in the Loyalty Program by the end of the following month. After the first month of purchases, Product Credits will only be earned on Loyalty Program orders.
  • Product Credits have no cash redemption value and are non-transferable.
  • Product Credits can only be redeemed for single-unit LP products available for Redemption.
  • Email on [email protected] OR Call 1800-1020-502 OR log into a your account to redeem Product Credits.
  • Product Credits must be redeemed within 12 months of being earned.
  • Product Credit redemptions are only shipped with the next Loyalty Program order.
  • Product Credit redemptions cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • A redemption fee of Rs 265 + applicable GST to each Product Credit redemption order.
  • Additional Surcharges + applicable GST to Product Credit redemptions of certain 4Life products like Riovida & Nutrashake.
  • GST is applicable to redemption fees, surcharges, Product Credit redemption orders.
  • Products redeemed through Product Credits have no LP.
  • Call 1800-1020-502 / OR Email to [email protected] to cancel Loyalty Program participation.