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Emerging Market

Manuel Francisco Daza & Maria C. Da Silva Daza

4Life has helped me understand that freedom also refers to trust, honesty, and especially to doing more for others.

I thank our Lord Jesus Christ that because of the opportunity 4Life offers us we can have our own business with a global reach. I have learned to trust in God first and in the potential he has given me to work honestly with others to reach their dreams, to see the good qualities in each individual, and to become a family.

The support of the International Networkers Team, founded by Platinum International Diamonds Dr. Herminio Nevárez and Yadira Olivo, has been essential for my personal and professional growth and for the success of my organization, as well.

Thanks to my mentors and role models: Platinum International Diamonds William Soto and Miguel Bermúdez Marín, along his wife Gold International Diamond Ruth de Bermúdez. I also want to thank Gold International Diamonds Antonio González, Alfonso Acero, International Diamonds Arlene Melendez, and Carmen Madge. Finally, thanks to my wife, my children, and my entire team. They have all been a part of my personal growth and transformation.