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Texas, US

Abel Delgado

In 2009, the wireless internet business we were running began experiencing financial trouble due to the worldwide economic crisis. The downturn took a toll in our city and in the whole technology industry. My wife and I were left without any income and a brand-new baby boy. What we had saved was being use to care for our baby’s health needs. Thankfully our son Logan was soon back to full health, but we were now faced with our new reality: no income, no savings, plenty of expenses, and a mountain of debt.

I did what I had to do and started applying for various jobs. As we couldn't make rent or pay our bills, we ended up moving in with my mother-in-law. She graciously took us in to help us get back on our feet.

As Chief Information Officer, I had given our internet company the past five years of my life. When the company went bankrupt, I was brought back into the real world, but the world had changed. Job opportunities were hard to come by, salaries had decreased, credit was tight, and we were scrambling to find a way to buy formula for our baby.

While waiting for a response on my job applications, I did not want to stand idly by, so I got together with a friend and looked at different business opportunities. We explored a few and were soon rejected by would-be clients. One morning we had a meeting at a local coffee shop. While we chatted, I noticed a friend from junior high sitting in a booth not far away. Once she saw me and approached to say hello, we starting talking about many things. When I told her about our current situation, she introduced me to 4Life Research and the International Networkers Team. To be honest, what I saw that day was a ray of hope. I didn't understand all the details, but I knew this was something my wife and I could do. In just a few months of starting with 4Life, I was able to leave my low-paying telemarketing job and truly began to build for our future.

Beyond the financial blessings, we have found wellness and health support for ourselves and our family with 4Life... this alone is a priceless perk of joining this company! Now we have two children, have bought and paid for our cars, and are well on our way to being debt free! Our financial health is constantly increasing as we work this business and help others do the same.

The secret lies in the heart of the company, in what we joyfully do every single day: serve, motivate, and help others reach their dreams and financial goals. Through science, success and service; we are truly Together, Building People®!