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Frank L. Uy Tesy

“I started my 4Life business almost four years ago. I am a registered architect and was then working as Operations Manager of a construction company. I got interested in the business when my wife, Emeline, joined. I saw how diligent she was and how unique both the products and the compensation plan were. I decided to join her, but only part-time. For the next two yeasr we built our business together and enjoyed increasing success. At the end of two years, my 4Life income was exceeding my regular job so I decided to go fulltime.

I am grateful first to God, for a life path that included becoming a 4Life distributor I love being able to work together with my family. I am also grateful to my wife Emeline, who is now a Presidential Diamon. Her hard work and great example has shown, not only me, but also our two children, what can result from following up dreams with consistent effort. I am also grateful for my girls, Samantha and Abigail, who constantly encourage us and pray for our success. But nothing would be possible without my business partners, who tirelessly help build our team and for the 4Life staff who gives us all out support.

My thanks to all for your unending support!”