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Texas, US

Alejandro & Imelda Gomez Farias

Before 4Life, I worked as a vice president for a financial corporation. My salary was based on commissions and bonuses only, so no sales meant no check for me! I later founded my own construction company, along with the help of a successful architect.

Also at this time, I was searching for a better way to support the health of my endocrine and metabolic systems. When Tomas Rodrigez introduced 4Life Products to me, I immediately began taking them. I am so thankful for the difference 4Life has made for my health, as well as my family’s financial well-being. I am very thankful to Jose Alberto Rivera and his team of Diamonds. When I first approached him about 4Life, he believed in me. I knew his team would someday become great under his leadership and support. Today that is a reality. I am also grateful to the International Networkers Team who supported me on my trips to Mexico, especially Dr. Herminio Nevárez, Roland Camacho, and Tomas Rodriguez. I also want to thank Adrian Amaya, Maribel Castro, and the other members of my team for their support. Above all, I want to give thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ who strengthened us during our journey.