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Antonius Ratu Gah & Helen Sriulina

4Life Transfer Factor® is an amazing gift!

Praise God for this opportunity! We first heard about 4Life from our high school friend, Presidential Diamond Mr. Budiman, who helped us understand the value of 4Life Transfer Factor for our body's immune system. Because of the positive impact our family experienced with the 4Life products, we then learned about the business opportunity. Armed with a competitive marketing plan and a unique set of products, we decided to focus on making our dreams come true through with 4Life.

We now feel closer to achieving our goals for success than we have with any other opportunity. 4Life Transfer Factor is an amazing gift! We are able to encourage and help people to make their lives so much healthier and better.

We are grateful to our supportive families and team including Gold International Diamond Ramos Sahala Sihombing, International Diamond Happy Mustikasari, International Diamonds Ruth Carnadie and David Suryana, all of our partners and friends with 4Life.