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Ratih Damayani

I have always dreamed of having a stable, passive income. To get that by being someone else’s employee is obviously impossible, especially if you want more freedom with your time. For this reason I decided to be an entrepreneur, but that was exhausting because I had to take care of several employees and all of the details of my business.

After that, I put my hopes into running a network marketing business. I tried several different businesses, all to no avail. I only lost time and money. My search was over once I found 4Life. With 4Life, I really am able to earn an extraordinary passive income. Financial freedom is now in my hands.

After trying 4Life products and receiving valuable health support, I felt confident that 4Life was an excellent company and I went from being a customer to becoming a business-builder. I’m thankful to International Diamond Edy Susetyono, who introduced me to 4Life products here in Indonesia. I’m also thankful to International Diamond Danny Wijaya and his great partners, Gold International Diamond Christin and Agus Soemarsono. I’m especially thankful for my beloved wife, Angela Yeannie, who is always there for me and provides me with her generous support.