Welcome to the 4Life Blog

Welcome to the 4Life Blog
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Here, we’ll cover topics near and dear to our hearts: science, success, and service. Pretty catchy, right? Together, they represent the core of our Together, Building People® philosophy… it’s what we do, and it’s what we can offer you.


Since you only get one body, you should take the best possible care of it. We’re here to help.

  • Since 1998, 4Life has brought you the best quality products available to support your immune system and overall health.*
  • We’re the only company with patented 4Life Transfer Factor. Learn more about Learn more about 4Life Transfer Factor (video).
  • 4Life holds five U.S. patents and 38 international patents—with dozens more pending.

As you can see, we take science very seriously here at 4Life. You know what else we take very seriously? Your success!


We’re more than just a company; we’re a community. You may already be a part of the 4Life distributor family, but if you’re not (or if you need a refresher), click here to see what we offer in the form of rewards and recognition.

As you change your life with the phenomenal 4Life products and outstanding financial opportunity, you can change others’ lives through meaningful acts of service. Service is at the heart of everything 4Life does.


We focus on three essential areas of a child’s life—nutrition, education, and building communities. As distributors and employees support our non-profit entity, Foundation 4Life®, and our for-profit 4Life Fortify® nutrition program, we can provide children and their families with the necessary tools to become self-sufficient and discover the power to break the cycle of poverty for generations to come.+

Whether you’re already a 4Life fan—or are thinking you might become one—this blog’s for you!

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+4Life Research® offers an incentive to buy, donate, and promote 4Life Fortify meal packs. Commission is included in the price of the pack and allows distributors to invest their time and resources to encourage others to join 4Life’s legacy of service. 4Life Fortify is a product created and supported by 4Life Research, a for-profit company that facilitates donations of purchased 4Life Fortify meal packs to non-profit partners such as Feed the Children. Charity partners distribute 4Life Fortify to children in need without charge or fees.