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Alfred Gordon Purba & Stephanie Bella Sihombing

Before we can reach our dreams, we must believe it can be achieved!

I became interested in a network marketing business through the guidance of Gold International Diamond Dr. Eduard Hutabarat, Platinum International Diamond Sadik Din, and Gold International Diamond Salim Raghavan. They each helped me to understand the truth of a network marketing business. I became convinced to pursue a 4Life business because of the uniqueness of 4Life Transfer Factor® products.

I am very grateful that I have achieved the rank of International Diamond. My next goal this year is to achieve Gold International Diamond. I have several dreams that I want to achieve through 4Life such as having a dream house, car, and most importantly to raise up more team members who can be superstars with 4Life.

I am thankful to God Almighty and am deeply grateful to Diamond Valiano L. Martin Hutabarat, my teachers and mentors Gold International Diamonds Dr. Eduard Hutabarat and Katharina Sihombing, and Gold International Diamond Salim Raghavan, Platinum International Diamonds Sadik Din and Hasnimah, Gold International Diamonds Sheri Din, and also for International Diamond Bapak Sulairy. Thank you also to our partners for their cooperation and for continuing to develop 4Life in Indonesia. My motto is: “before we can reach our dreams, we must believe they can be achieved!”